Naruto 661 Latest – Naruto Chapter 661 Spoilers

Naruto fans around the world are excited to read the latest naruto 661 manga shippuden.
The naruto 661 English scans online. naruto manga 661 chapter has been released by mangapanda and available in this site for viewing.
click the naruto 661 scans below to read the whole naruto 661 chapter.

Nothing will happen and Naruto will still fight because he is an Uzumaki remember that Uzumaki’s has strong stamina look at Naruto’s mom even when Kurama got out she’s still alive and can still use the chains to stop Kurama or Kurama just let go of Naruto so that even Kurama got extracted the side effect is not to die.

naruto 661

naruto 661

As much as i really hate to suggest it now (and i do hate to suggest it as i dont like the idea) but perhaps Naruto will get the other Rinnegan from Obito. Perhaps that would keep him alive? My thinking is that Obito has a major hard on for Naruto, he is an Uzumaki who can awaken the Rinnegan, but the major kicker is that he is the only one who has fought a Rinnegan user a number of times, and he knows the techniques – as shown by him knowing that Obito was not using Rinnetensei from the handseals. Sure Kakashi, Sakura, shikamaru, etc know the main techniques, but they have no where near the experience that Naruto does with it or the capacity to use it. Sasuke does not need it, and i cant think of anyone else besides Naruto would should be given such power. Either that or it is destroyed.

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